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How my Security Camera saved me!!!

How my Security Camera with Motion Detector saved me!!! Usually, before the office closes for the day, we turn off all phones, internet connections and all facilities which needs to be turned off. As the Manager, I activate the motion detector of the security cameras from my phone when stepping out to enable me monitor movements within and out…


10 Common Causes of Car Engine Problems

Car engine is the heart of any functioning car. Not all engine problems are serious and can be remedied quickly, but all of them can cause serious engine breakdowns and in worst case scenarios, you may need to buy a brand-new engine but then, it is usually good to be readily prepared knowing fully well that you’ve got your…


Effects of Bad Roads on your Car

Your Car And Bad Roads Effects of Bad Roads on your Car: Many car owners who drive automobiles across the wide road networks of Nigerian potholes-infested tracks can identify with this common problem and other vehicular related problems. Nevertheless, you can truly avoid frustrations and the cost of your mechanic’s guess work on your car. This can be achieved…


4 Ways to Setup your Security Camera with Ease

security Camera setup

Having your security at heart, we are out to provide you with easy steps to enable you setup your Security Camera knowing fully well that this is the major challenge being faced by some clients. Take a glass of water, re-hydrate and relax, the good news is that we’ve got you covered on how to ‘Do-It-Yourself’. With these following…