Car Wahala


Do you know it is one thing to buy a car and another thing to maintain that car?

Do you know your car is one of your greatest asset and should be pampered and guided jealously?

Often times, you spend so much time, money and energy at the mechanic workshop. Some other times, the mechanic workshop practically becomes your second home because you keep going back there to fix the same problem or brand new problems.

It gets really frustrating when you spend the time you would have used for something else at the mechanic or you spend the money you would have used for something else at the mechanic.

It also gets frustrating when you have planned your budget for the week or month and your car repair expenses keep coming in the way and tempering with your budget.

More frustration is when the mechanic keeps on guessing and coming up with new faults in your car.

Today, “it is the break pad”
Tomorrow, “it is the radiator”
Next tomorrow, “it is the air filter”
Few days later, “Oh no! It is the belt tensioner”

The mechanic keeps collecting money for false faults, wasting your time and energy, increasing your blood pressure and tempering with parts of the car engine which ought to be kept intact.

Before you know it, your car develops a complicated fault.

The final frustration is when the car parks up or becomes a shaft or better still, a “GURAGURA”
You see a car which is supposed to last for the next 10 years parking up in less than 4 years.

But do you know all these things are avoidable and you can save yourself from this car stress, cost and agony  if you have your personal portable MaxiScan MS309 Car Scanner?

I am sure you did not know.

With the MaxiScan MS309 Car Scanner, you can diagnose and detect the faults of your car in less than 3 minutes.  

This way, you are in control of your car, what should be repaired and what you should spend on that repair. You also get to check the health of your car engine from time to time!
Guess what, you begin to practice a good car maintenance culture too!

How to use the MaxiScan MS309 Car Scanner to detect the fault of your car engine?

Plug OBD cable to Car’s OBD port              
Start ignition              
You will see “waiting for vehicle to respond
System status will come up               
Click on scroll down button               
It will display the diagnostic menu                
Use the scroll button to move to “Read codes”                   
Click the enter button
It will display the fault Code or codes.

You can use scroll down button to check the next fault code if it is more than one.

To get full detailed information on the code with images and videos, simply search the code on Google.

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