Covid19-Daily Safety Tips to Stop the Spread

The covid19 pandemic stormed the world abruptly and before we could say Jack Robinson, many were infected, many lost their loved ones all around the world while some have recovered but the cases keep increasing.

Despite our hopes and prayers to see this pandemic come to an end, we as individuals need to play our part to stop the continuous spread of the virus.

Here are very important safety tips from iMart Nigeria we must all practice every single day to stop the spread of this deadly virus:

1) Always wash your hands with soap and water:
Despite the lock down, there is a high tendency for us to take a walk to a close-by store for purchases. In the process, our hands come in contact with money and possibly other public surfaces. On getting back home, before stepping into your main building, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for about 20 seconds. Do not forget your nails.

That way, whatever germs you might have returned with will be washed away before you proceed into your living room or bedroom and come in contact with other people and surfaces.

 2) Always use your nose mask and stand 2 meters away from another in public places such as: ATM queue, Point Of Sales, stores and any other place with several people. 
Particles are said to travel in large quantities from the mouth of a person when they speak talk more of when they cough or sneeze.

Covering your mouth with nose mask and maintaining 2 meters distance safeguards you.

3) Always drink a cup of hot water once you feel any irritation in your throat area or cough.

4) Avoid receiving visitors:
You really can never tell where a person not living with you has been to, people they must have come in contact with and their personal hygiene practice especially in times like this. 

If for any reason, they might need to visit, ensure they wash their hands before stepping into your home and ensure they use separate cutlery.

5)Share these tips with your loved ones to keep them safe. 

We believe this phase will pass but we need you to stay at home, stay strong for you, for your loved ones and for us.